Ageeba Beach Tourism, Egypt

Sunday, August 18th 2013. | Mesir

Ageeba Beach Amazing Ageeba Beach Tourism, Egypt

Ageeba Beach is a beautiful beach with beach beauty color which is very remarkable and this beach surrounded by cliffs that are very high. The beach is located about 17 miles from the town of Matruh, and about 7 hours from the city of Cairo. The Ageeba Beach is very beautiful and pretty with very clean Sand, blue sea and calm. This place is very popular among international tourists and from various countries. In fact, this beach has become a favorite destination for students in this land of the prophets, which is very unusual. Ageeba Beach it has the charm of 7 colors, water clarity and beauty of the cliffs nearby create a fascinating attractions in Egypt. You wouldn’t think that this country is a country of wilderness but has a beautiful beach which is very unusual. The uniqueness and the beauty of the beach is clean and the water is very clear, though many tourists come to the beaches will also be Nirvana for You who love photography because it has a very beautiful view of all. On the beach there are also places to play or swim across the sea water clarity. From the top of the cliff, you can see the cliffs that surround this beach. Here you will be charmed by this beach once and want to linger on this beach is very special.

Ageeba Beach Beautiful Ageeba Beach Tourism, Egypt

Ageeba Beach has become a popular time for tourists from many countries, because of the beauty of the beaches and cliffs are very unusual. If you want to go to the beach you have to pass the stairs to go down to enjoy this picturesque beach. Every day, many tourists who come here. Because of the beauty of picturesque cliffs once and the beach is fabulous. Hotels here are also filled with tourists because here the hotel is equipped with facilities that are perfect for your weekend getaway with Spa and massage to relax. And if you want to find a meal here also there is a restaurant which was very good and very tasty. This beach is very well suited for a vacation in summer is very special.

Ageeba Beach City Ageeba Beach Tourism, Egypt

Ageeba Beach Wallpaper Ageeba Beach Tourism, Egypt

Ageeba Beach Tourist Ageeba Beach Tourism, Egypt

Ageeba Beach Hotel Ageeba Beach Tourism, Egypt

Ageeba Beach Egypt Ageeba Beach Tourism, Egypt

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