Amanpulo Tourism in Philippines

Monday, December 3rd 2012. | Philippines

Amanpulo beach Amanpulo Tourism in Philippines

Amanpulo is a place of peace and offers pure white sand, blue sea and blue sky endless which is famous for the Philippine Islands. Located on a private island in the Quiniluban group of Islands in the Philippines, Cuyo Amanpulo (island of peace) is surrounded by white sand beaches, crystal-clear turquoise water and coral reefs off the coast of 300 meters. Amanpulo organizes a variety of beach and water-based activities such as windsurfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, cruise ship, and the deep sea fishing games. Surrounded by seven kilos of pure square meters of coral and lapped by the Sulu Sea to calm down. At Amanpulo Pamilican is part of the Quiniluban group of islands of Cuyo, located north of the province of Palawan, Philippines. 288 Pounds meters south of Manila Pamilican located five kilometers long and only 500 meters at the widest point. Amanpulo’s facilities enjoy a broad spatial complement their natural environment. Casitas resort is located on the beach, among the treetops or on a hillside overlooking the Sulu Sea. Each has its own private train that allows independent travel on the island.

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Designed as a tranquil sanctuary, consists of a series of pavilions offers Yoga and meditation, as well as a mix of traditional therapy-friendly Cuyonin, Asia and the West. Fitness Pavilion has a Pilates Studio, cold plunge pool, relaxation area and pool. Surrounded by the waters of the Sulu Sea and seven kilos of square meters of Reef, A paradise for divers. With a 30-meter swimming pool, two tennis courts, lighting and synthetic grass 850 X 90 mile meter telescope for astronomy is still astronomical, Amanpulo offers a variety of leisure activities include a picnic lunch, worlds, and massage and beauty services. At the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila and traveling by private plane to the island of Pamalican, landed at the airstrip on the island. Forty Filipino-style casitas enjoy various locations-among the treetops, at the beach or on a hillside overlooking the Sulu Sea. Each Casita has a bedroom with a King-size bed, two Windows in the form of a wooden sundeck with outdoor chairs. The spacious bathrooms have a large dressing area, shower and bathtub lift decorated with marble Cebu.

Amanpulo wallpaper Amanpulo Tourism in Philippines

Amanpulo Tourism in Philippines Amanpulo Tourism in Philippines

Amanpulo restaurant Amanpulo Tourism in Philippines

Amanpulo natural Amanpulo Tourism in Philippines

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Amanpulo amazing Amanpulo Tourism in Philippines

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