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Ashikaga flower park awesome

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Did you know flowers like sakura is Japanese society besides wisteria. To enjoy this wisteria flowers you can visit the Ashikaga flower park. Ashikaga flower park is the a favorite place citizens of japan enjoy the flower dangling this. Contained in Tochigi prefecture, or province, Ashikaga city, the popularity of  Ashikaga flower park is famous throughout the entire world. Ashikaga flower park, there are some wisteria tree, also known as fuji flowers, with ages up to more than 100 years. Branches extending to hundreds of meters wide, and the color purple flower dangle dangling like purple snow that fell from the sky. Incredibly beautiful. In addition to fuji or wisteria flowers, there are also many other kinds of beautiful flowers that make visitors feel at home for a long time sitting in the park this air cool. The appeal of Ashikaga flower park the other is a long tunnel made of flowers fuji which reach up to 80 meters. Fresh and beautiful atmosphere make the Ashikaga flower park is often a professional event photographers shooting. Ticket entrance to the flower garden this is 100 yen per person. Pretty comparable to the sensation you get in there.

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To enjoy the flowers fuji located in Ashikaga flower park you can visit in May. At Ashikaga flower park you can enjoy the beauty of flowers fuji completely. So you should set your itinerary for the month One of the best places to see flowers fuji is Ashikaga Flower Park in Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture. Ashikaga Flower park  features lots of blue, white and pink fuji, and Laburnumkuning (Japan: kingusari) that looks like a yellow fuji. From Tokyo, take the Tobu Line from Tobu Asakusa Isesaki Tokyoterminal to Tobu Ashikaga Station, from where he kaki20 minute walk to the park. The “Ryomo Limited Express” takes about 70 minutes and costs 1940 Yen.

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