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Barsana is a village in Maramures and one church made of wood with a beautiful by ancient sites. The monastery of Barsana is complex with sixteen nuns. Barsana is created in 1989 by the site of an abandoned Church in 1791; this village has become a tourist attraction of significant cultural and religious. The Church is as high as 57 meters is the tallest wooden structure in Europe. The Church now stands on a hill and is surrounded by the orchard. The carved by craftsmen in Maramures to the reason for making this awesome place. No power tools used in these large wooden structures. One of eight wooden churches of Maramures is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. After the revolution in Romania in 1989. In 2002, Barsana had a population of 6,452, all but ten of them ethnic nation of Romania. 53.9% of Orthodox Romania, 7.8% Greece Catholic and 3.1% Pentecostal.

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Barsan is a surname of Romania from the middle ages. Even the monastery was first mentioned in the year 1405 prior existence. Wooden church originally built elsewhere in the year 1720. The monastery of Barsana functioned until 1791 with the religious purpose of the monastery, between 1802 and 1805 the village moved to the unused Church in the middle of the community. The interior walls are painted by local artists Hodor, Toader, in 1806. Legend has it that the monastery was originally stood up across the River in the Valley of Slatina, Iza, and then moved to the right of the River, which is called Manastirii Podurile Monastery Bridge. Barsana is one of the wooden churches of Maramures, in beautiful synthesis of Eastern and Western European architecture, with elements of Byzantine and Gothic. The monastery is located in the north-central part of the village. The first church was built in 1720 with the plan which includes gates, this monastery and the nave. The monastery is narrow, with a low ceiling and wall paintings that are very similar to the painted monasteries of Moldavia. It is the only wooden church with old monasteries and the highest wooden structure in Europe reaches 65 meters.

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