Batu Caves Tourism in Malaysia

Thursday, January 31st 2013. | Malaysia

Batu Caves Sculpture Batu Caves Tourism in Malaysia

Batu Caves is cave in a limestone hill which has caves and temples with beautiful sculptures are amazing. Batu Caves is located 13 kilometers north of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The name of this cave intake of River rock or Stone River, which flows through the hills. And the name of a nearby village. Batu Caves Cave formed about 400 million years old. Some of the caves used as shelters by indigenous people or tribal Findings here. Since 1860, Chinese settlers began excavating guano for fertilising their vegetable patches. And they became famous only after the limestone hills in managed by the colonial authorities including Daly and Syers as well as American naturalist, William Hornaday in 1878. The cave was used as a place of worship by k. Thamboosamy Pillai, a merchant India. The main cave and was inspired to dedicate a temple to Lord Murugan in the cave. In 1890, Pillai, who also founded the Sri Mahamariamman Temple, Kuala Lumpur, Sri Subramania Swamy Temple which is now known as the cave temple. Since 1892, the Thaipusam festival in the Tamil month of Thai, which fell in late January to early February will celebrate in here.

Batu Caves Amazing Batu Caves Tourism in Malaysia

Batu Caves is one of the most popular here with Hindu India outbuildings, to Lord Murugan. And the focal point for the Hindu festival of Thaipusam in Malaysia. Batu Caves found around 120 years ago by the American naturalist William Hornaday. A moment later a small Hindu temple built in the open area, which became known as the temple cave. The Cave Temple is built in the 1920s and since has been replaced by 272 concrete steps. Cave Temples are composed of site, the largest and most well-known is the temple or Cathedral cave, so named because it houses several Hindu buildings under vaulted ceilings are high. Every year at the end of January to early February up to one million pilgrims visit the Batu Caves during the three-day Thaipusam. Lord Muruga silver chariot races took place due to the pride made its way from the Sri Mahamariamman Temple in Chinatown KL’s heading to the caves. At this point the cave is very crowded with tourists who come here to see the beauty of the caves.

Batu Caves Batu Caves Tourism in Malaysia

Batu Caves Wallpaper Batu Caves Tourism in Malaysia

Batu Caves Wallpaper HD Batu Caves Tourism in Malaysia

Batu Caves in Malaysia Batu Caves Tourism in Malaysia

Batu Caves Entrance Batu Caves Tourism in Malaysia

Batu Caves Beautiful Batu Caves Tourism in Malaysia

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