Bayang Root Bridge Indonesia

Friday, September 11th 2015. | Indonesia

Bayang Root Bridge Indonesia Bayang Root Bridge Indonesia

Bayang Root Bridge is a bridge composed of interlacing two roots of trees that grow opposite and runs on top of the Trunk stream of the Bayang in the Bayang of the North, South Regency of West Sumatra, Indonesia. The bridge has a length of 25 meters and a width of 1.5 metres with a height from the surface of the River about 10 meters. The bridge was designed by a scholar named Pakih Sokan. Construction of the bridge was done as an attempt to connect the two village divided by the river. Construction of the bridge started in 1890 and recently could be used by the local mayarakat in 1916. Bayang Root Bridge is quite unique, because it is knitted from the roots of trees that grow on both sides of the River, forming a bridge intact. The type of the tree is the tree of kubang (ficus sp) that grows around the river where the root bridge was built. In addition, other keunikanan is increased by the strength of the bridge along with increasing age of the bridge, which is estimated to have approximately 100 years.

Bayang Root Bridge Bayang Root Bridge Indonesia

The journey towards the Bayang Root Bridge area attractions can be reached by public transportation, travel, rental car or private car. If using public transport, the journey can be started from Padang city towards Painan. Then, from Painan trip continues into the Bayang. If the tourists using private cars or sewan car can go straight to the location of points of interest. For travelers coming from outside the city can stay at hotelsarrow 10x10 Bayang Root Bridge Indonesia and resorts that are in the city. In this city there are many restaurants serving a variety of dishes that can treat hunger tourists. Bayang Root Bridge is beautiful and natural.

Bayang Root Bridge in Sumatra Bayang Root Bridge Indonesia

Root Bridge Indonesia Bayang Root Bridge Indonesia

Bayang Root Bridge West Sumatra Bayang Root Bridge Indonesia

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