Bled Lake Tourism in Slovenia

Sunday, December 9th 2012. | Slovenia

Bled Lake Natural Bled Lake Tourism in Slovenia

Bled Lake is the ideal place to explore Slovenia is rich of nature and cultural heritage in rural areas and the activities offered. Bled Lake is very enchanting and mysterious ancient cliff top fortress transformed into a winter wonderland when it was decorated by a covering of snow with the scent of roasted chestnuts drifting through the trees. Every visitor is fascinated by the fantastic Bled a variety of scenery and charming alpine lake. Bled Island, for centuries the symbol of the region. Cliff top Castle impressive broods Lake and offers a stunning view of Bled Lake, the surrounding area and the peak-the highest peak in Slovenia. If you would like to see Bled in style, love train ride around the Lake. Bled surrounded by mountains and with a fairytale Castle perched on a Crag overlooking a 17th-century Church on an island.

Bled Lake Wallpaper Bled Lake Tourism in Slovenia

Slovenia is a country that is easily accessible in the heart of Europe. At the crossing of the Alps, the Mediterranean and the Pannonian plain, it will surprise you with its diversity and natural beauty of the lush. Slovenia is known as a land of pure water, and plenty of crystal clear rivers create the perfect location on the southern shore of  Bled Lake you will pass the village of Mlino, and then leave the main road to the road passing underneath the building is the grand Hotel Vila Bled. Around the Lake. less than half an hour’s drive west from Bled Lake is Triglav National Park and has an altogether more serene and tranquil Lakes, surrounded by beautiful mountains and quiet village perfect for resting and relaxing and full of opportunities for outdoor activities from walking, Mountain biking and boating/or swim in the Bled Lake in summer to skiing in the winter. The resort is ideal for active or relaxing winter holiday in Slovenia, offers many opportunities for those who want to test their skills on the ski slopes nearby, try one of the many winter activities available, or be pampered at the health center, with a selection of massage treatments, Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room.

Bled Lake Wallpaper hd Bled Lake Tourism in Slovenia

Bled Lake Tourism in Slovenia Bled Lake Tourism in Slovenia

Bled Lake Hotel Bled Lake Tourism in Slovenia

Bled Lake Beautiful Bled Lake Tourism in Slovenia

Bled Lake Beach Bled Lake Tourism in Slovenia

Bled Lake Amazing Bled Lake Tourism in Slovenia

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