Capri Sun in Italy

Thursday, February 21st 2013. | Italy

Capri Sun Capri Sun in Italy

Capri is where the most popular tourist destinations in Italy with surrounded by the beach is fabulous and very special. Located in the Bay of Naples, South of the city of Naples and in the tip of the peninsula in the region of Amalfi, Campania, southern Italy. The city is the main center of Capri island populations. The island has two harbours, Marina Piccola and Marina Grande, the main port of the island. And Comune situated in Anacapri and the hills to the West. The easy way to visit this place with a day trip from Naples or the Amalfi coast. In the summer this place is around 10,000 tourists a day with the same number as the population of the island. Moderate temperature makes the island a year-round destination despite spring and autumn is the best time to visit this place. The most beautiful places on the island are Marina Piccola, the Belvedere Tragara limestone crags referred to project sea stack on the sea, the town of Anacapri, the Blue Grotto, and the ruins of the Villa of the Roman Empire, which is pretty amazing.

capri Island Capri Sun in Italy

Trip to Capri is a highlight of Naples vacation or the Amalfi coast. Capri is an island of enchanting and beautiful which is made of limestone. The Roman Emperor was the most beautiful place with the rich and famous, artist and writer, this place is still one of the places that should be seen in the Mediterranean. The island’s attractions is the famous Blue Grotto, Grotta Azzurra. Tourists arriving by boat at Marina Grande and the main port of the island. Beaches that are scattered around the island. There are only two cities that are just above the Marina Grande and Anacapri, higher town. Orange trees, flowers and birds abound the tourists will not regret if dating here because the places here will cheer your heart. It has twelve and seven churches, museums and monuments. Grotta Azzurra and known. And the most visited attraction in this place. Grotta Azzurra is found in the 19th century by foreign tourists. On one side of the cave are the remains of the ancient Roman stones, with a narrow cave. This place is very rich with excursions that you like. Here too there is the hotel is fabulous and very well suited for relaxing with the family. And did not lose again with restaurants that Cook authentic specialties from this place. Good luck. ?

capri beach Capri Sun in Italy

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