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Carlsbad Cave is a National Park and wilderness area of Chihuahuan in Southeastern New Mexico, United States, near the base of the Guadalupe Mountains (mountain Sacramento segment). About 250 million years ago, surrounded by extensive reefs horseshoe-shaped limestone, shallow seas covered the region. This formation, called the Capitan Reef, found in Southeastern New Mexico and West Texas and including the Guadalupe Mountains National Park, just southwest of Carlsbad Cave National Park. After the sea evaporated, the constant dripping of acid ground water carved the large underground chambers, became limestone, gypsum and form large stalactites, stalagmites and other cave deposits range in smooth. Carlsbad Cave was founded in 1923 as a national monument, a special room-a national park in 1930, and was declared a world heritage site in 1995. At the bottom of the park, which has a surface area of 74 square meter kilos (189 pounds square meters), is 83 individual caves, including Carlsbad Cave, children’s namesake. The Park also includes Rattlesnake Springs, a small enclave of about 5 miles (8 kilo meters) in the Southeast.

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Carlsbad Cave has a subterranean maze of chambers, including one of the largest ever found. The total length of the room and parts are still unknown, but the main part of the cave was explored more than 30 miles (48 kilo meters), which is 3 miles (5 kilo meters) is open for visitors. Of the three main levels, the deepest is belowground 1,027 feet (313 m). Visitors can walk or take the Elevator to the 755-foot (230-meter) level and explore a large space, which measured about 2,000 feet (610 meters) and 1,100 feet (335 meters) wide at its greatest extent and has a ceiling that arches 255 ft. (78 m) above the floor. Found in the giant dome is a Stalagmite, 62 feet (19 meters); Vaulting twins, just a bit smaller, have proportional and delicate fluted; and in the chasm called, which is some 700 feet (210 meters). During the summer free-tailed bat colony of Mexico approximately a million people inhabiting part of caves known as the bat cave; each night at sunset they will be gathered together from the entrance to Carlsbad ┬áit to feed in the surrounding area. Southwest of Carlsbad Cave, in the garden, is the cave Canyon massacre, with the monarchy, one of the world’s tallest columns (89 feet [27 meters).

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