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Cassis Lake Cassis Tourism, France

Cassis is a very beautiful city with surrounded by beautiful cliffs and surrounded by the beach is fabulous. Cassis is located east of Marseille in the Department of Bouches du Rhone in Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur region in southern France. This place is known for its coves lined with steep walls, chalk white. You can enjoy in a variety of ways by boat, on foot, by kayak. Start with a boat trip to get oriented. Walk to the harbor and you’ll find a number of tours that will take you to them, and most of them offer the same deal to see around three calanques. Cassis is a popular tourist destination, famous for its hotel and coves sheltered called calanques. Wines from here are white and red, and is not to be confused with Crème here, and typical of Burgundy which takes its name from blackcurrants. This place is now occupied by around 500 to 600 by the Ligures, who constructed a fortified residence in the top of the Baou Redon. These people lived through hunting, Fishing, and agriculture.

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During the Roman times, was part of a maritime route made by the emperor Antoninus Pius. Currently, the port forward right up to Baragnon. It is a small village, established mainly around Arena and Corton beaches. The main livelihood is fishing and maritime trade with North Africa and the Middle East. From the tenth century, invasions by barbaric tribes caused the population to seek refuge in the cestrum, a fortified city, in 1223, became property of the Seigneurie des Les Baux de Provence. In the fifteenth century, was handed over to the count of Provence, then René of Anjou gave the town to the Bishops of Marseille, who ruled the town until the revolution in 1789. A city that was founded by the Phoceans means that the site could have been inhabited by people Greece, here too there is a very special hotel and there is also an excellent restaurant with typical cuisine from here.

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Cassis Tourism France Cassis Tourism, France

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