Cathedrals Beach in Spain

Saturday, January 5th 2013. | Spain

Panorama Cathedrals Beach Cathedrals Beach in Spain

Cathedrals beach is a beach that is very beautiful with many variations of the arch it very natural and beautiful with sand and a lot of caves. Cathedrals beach is located in the municipality of Ribadeo in Galicia Lugo province, has been declared a natural monument by the Government of Galicia Xunta de Galicia’s Environment Ministry. The unique Cathedrals beach is naturally the arches and caves that can be seen at low tide. During the install the beach will appear, but still able to swim. Time pairs that are interesting to visit this place are a walk in the top of the cliff, from West to East, heading to the beach Esteiro. High tide you can measure the beautiful cliffs and caves and a sea of tiny cracks in the rock to the caves that collapsed due to erosion from the waves. Also at the time of low tide, you can gain access to the sand deposit is bordered by Rocky walls made of slate and odd shapes, more than 32 meters high arches are reminiscent to the Cathedral buttresses, when receding lower than on normally, you can get to the nearest beaches through the extension of sand. And it is advisable to go back before the water starts to come back, and happens very quickly because the stretch of coast is almost horizontal.

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The arches and the chambers of the Cathedral is derived from sand, and formed when ocean waves are great. When you visit the Cathedrals beach you find a way to place overlooking the beach. You’ll see Cathedrals beach from the top of the rock is pretty amazing. After low tide you can walk on the beach is about 300 meters away, and you will enter the narrow caves and provides a spectacular beauty. See the stone with a large arch, walking along the beach you will find a suitable place to swim with clear water which is often called as the Bay of Biscay. This beach is known around the world and become a tourist destination. The Cathedral has many well-known names for the giant rock formations are beautiful. The beautiful coastal cliff-top is clearly visible when the water began to recede. According to the survey by one of the attractions in Spain, Cathedrals beach was chosen as the most beautiful beach in Europe.

Cathedrals Beach Wallpaper HD Cathedrals Beach in Spain

Cathedrals Beach in Spain Cathedrals Beach in Spain

Cathedrals Beach Edge Cathedrals Beach in Spain

Cathedrals Beach Cave Cathedrals Beach in Spain

Cathedrals Beach Beautiful Cathedrals Beach in Spain

Cathedrals Beach Amazing Cathedrals Beach in Spain

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