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Wednesday, November 21st 2012. | Greece

Melissani cave natural Cave Melissani tourism

Cave Melissani was the experience in the world with the myths, mysteries, a magical setting, the interaction of light and water in the cave, and a beautiful place. Melissani cave is located just outside the cave Melissani Sami, have an odd appeal. This is one of the most significant places for tourists to visit in Greece. Oddly enough, there is a lake in the cave that has trees and the surrounding forests. The best time to visit this cave. Oblique rays in the morning and evening have the magical qualities of their own. One gets the feeling smooth from a boat drifting in light and Myth says that the cave is named after the nymph Melissanthi who committed suicide because of his love of the God Pan was not reciprocated.

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Cave Melissani itself is “B” shaped with two rooms or spaces separated by land or an island in the middle. The roof of one of the collapsed space a century ago letting sunlight Filter incoming Lake Depth is 20 to 30 meters. When the Sun is directly overhead at noon, sunlight hitting the turquoise-blue waters create the illusion of magical and the Cave Melissani suddenly feel burning with blue light. Melissani Cave excavations conducted in 1951 and then in 1962 many of the artifacts found dated to the 3rd century BC and the 4th used during the period of post-war classical and early Hellenistic. The nymph figure excavated has given credence to this legend boats. Small ply on the Lake Melissani Cave in. The cave is 36 meters high, 40 meters wide and 3.5 meters long. A balcony was built above the cave for tourists to get a spectacular view from the inside and from the top. The water in the Lake is a mixture of fresh water and sea water. It is about 500 meters from the sea and air was higher than the sea level by 1 meter. Brackish water entering the cave Melissani from one end and flows out from the others. Water can be replaced by water gushing under 30 meters water depth inside. The first room is the sun-lit and the second room is dark and has a stalactite covered with algae and mildew. Although they are large in size, they are dwarfed by the big dome. Oddly enough, many stalactites resembling a dolphin, and the companions of the Messenger of Aspires as a walking legend Cave Melissani leave an unforgettable impression lasting and for all those who visit it.

Melissani cave wallpaper Cave Melissani tourism

Melissani cave tourism Cave Melissani tourism

Melissani cave picture Cave Melissani tourism

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