Cheonggyecheon is a river tourism

Tuesday, June 19th 2012. | Korea

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Cheonggyecheon has become a favorite picnic spot of the city. More than six miles of the river has been established, so that there are areas of interest in each kilometer nya.Untuk reached Cheonggyecheon, there are many options on the subway line. However, the nearest station with the most attractive areas of dark blue river. Also near Cheonggyecheon, also near Gwanghwamun Square, a vast field with flowers and fountains, or even a cool place to visit. This marks the beginning of the river is a pool with a fountain of water per hour into the game. Because the pool also presented a voucher for a fixed flow Cheonggyecheon.Cheonggyecheon restored again in 2003 as part of a green city. Through twenty-two stone bridges and stairs, Cheonggyecheon be an ideal place to relax Seoul citizens. At lunch, along the river are filled with employees who enjoy a meal built around siang.Bunga summer’s colorful relics found along the Cheonggyecheon stream. With fresh air and cold air, enjoying the scenery along the river is clear flash sound is a treat for me because I might not want to Jakarta.Lebih up the wall on either side of the river often has a unique decoration. Nearby is a spring cultural wall, showing Cheonggyecheon pictures from time to time. Walking a little further, we can find the location, where the women wash clothes in the old days.

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Cheonggyecheon has a Wall of Hope (Wall of Hope). Screen wall about twenty thousand pieces of porcelain ceramic pieces, each image contains a message from Korea and around the world (living in South Korea, North Korea and outside Korea), Korea hopes to join. Wall extends fifty feet with a height of two meters is the largest ceramic and porcelain wall in the world. Many designs have been installed along the Cheonggyecheon River Tourism, it is not surprising if some parts are finished filming Korean drama and movie locations. There are three themes that I found while along the Cheonggyecheon stream. The first is ecological. Down the river we will find a fresh stream of water, plants, flowers, birds, and of course, a small fish in the river. The second theme is a beautiful walk. Cheonggyecheon River does provide a large area on the side for pedestrians to traverse the river. The third theme is romance. Inevitably, along the river Cheongyecheon is a romantic place for making love. I saw a young couple who are berasyik mudi masyuk Korea unite and face view. They hugged each other while sitting on the edge of the river. Dipped their toes into the water, listening to the splashing of the river, and enjoy the aura of love that appears in between. When night falls and the more soluble, more aura found Cheonggyecheon.

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