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Cook Islands are a stunning necklace of islands in the Sun and the jewel in the Crown of South Pacific island groups. Culture, traditions, arts and crafts are different from all others in the Pacific. Cook Islands there are activities include swimming in the beautiful clear water, snorkeling and diving, surfing and exploring the nature trails and wildlife this beautiful part of the planet. Sightseeing day tours and cruises are available that take in the culture and natural wonders around Cook Islands. New Zealand is without a doubt the perfect honeymoon getaway for couples who are looking for an exceptional beauty, action and adventure on their trip of a lifetime. After a busy time to plan and carry out additional wedding are fantastic for holidays New Zealand was enroute stopover in the Cook Islands. Enjoy secluded beaches and Lagoons Muri is amazing – perfect for snorkeling. After a relaxing stopover it’s just 4.5 hours flight to New Zealand and arrive feeling refreshed and ready to experience the beauty beyond that just gets better in every corner.

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The Cook Islands comprises 15 Islands. They are in the same time zone as Hawaii and is said to have a feel similar to Hawaii before becoming more developed. Captain James Cook named the Islands the Hervey Islands in 1773 however they came to be known as the Cook Islands in honour of him from about 1820. Cook Islands are politically associated with New Zealand. The weather is here is very similar to Hawaii is a very interesting all year. The warmer months from November to April, ranges from 26-30 degrees and winter from May to October range from 22-27 degrees. Cook’s involvement with the legal system of the United Kingdom started with the Declaration of the Southern Group of Islands as a protectorate of the United Kingdom in 1898. Three years later, all the islands of the Cook time was officially annexed by New Zealand by expanding the geographical boundaries to include New Zealand Cook. Thus the Cook Islands became a part of New Zealand.

Cook Islands tourism wild Cook Islands tourism wild

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Cook Islands wallpaper hd Cook Islands tourism wild

Cook Islands

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