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Cotswolds Park Cotswolds Tourism in United Kingdom

The Cotswolds is a village in by mountain ranges to the Southwest and in the middle of the West of England with a tour in the beauty of nature. The Cotswolds lie mainly within the ceremonial counties of Gloucestershire and Oxford shire extends to the Wiltshire, Somerset, Worcestershire, and Warwickshire. The hills give the name to the local government district in Gloucestershire, which manages much of the region. This area is an interesting small town and villages built the underlying Cotswold stone. This limestone is rich in fossils, in particular fossilized sea urchins. In the middle ages the wool trade made the village is prosperous. Most of this money is put into the church building so that the area has a number of wool Church. This area has attracted wealthy people who have second homes in the village, because the atmosphere is so beautiful and amazing. This area has been designated as an Area of outstanding natural beauty. The highest point in the mountains here is Cleeve Hill at 1,083 ft., 2.5 miles north of Cheltenham.

Cotswolds in United Kingdom Cotswolds Tourism in United Kingdom

Cotswold towns include Bourton, Broadway, Burford, Chipping Norton, Cirencester, Moreton, North leach, Stroud, and Winchcombe. Town of Chipping Campden is very important to be the home of the arts and Crafts movement, founded by William Morris at the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the 20th century. William Morris often lives in Broadway Tower, now a part of state parks. Chipping Campden is also known for the annual village feast Olimpick games, sports and games dating from the early 17th century. The northern and western edge of the Cotswolds is marked by steep cliffs to the Severn valley and the Warwickshire Avon. Steep slopes or feature, often called the Cotswold Edge, this is the result of limestone layers, and this is a cuesta, in geology. A dip is in the Southeast. At the eastern boundary lies the city of Oxford and West of Stroud. In the Southeast, reaching the upper Thames Valley and towns such as Lechlade, Tetbury and Fairford are often considered to mark the boundary of this region. In the South of the village with the beyond, and cities such as Chipping Sodbury and Marshfield share elements that vary. Here too there is a stunning hotel that is often to stay at travelers tired. And restaurants are also located here which is very special with special food that is tasty and delicious.

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