Cua Van Tourism, Vietnam

Wednesday, January 9th 2013. | Vietnam

Cua Van City Cua Van Tourism, Vietnam

Cua Van is ancient villages located on the seafront with beautiful natural charm and a very large stone surround. Cua Van is located in Hung Thang Commune, in the town of Halong; about 20 km from the harbour and fishing village is located in a quiet Bay surrounded by mountains. The village has a population of about 733 and 187 households. And this is the successor who has maintained both a real sea cultural and intangible. Floating village consists of a collection of anchored boats and houses colorful Rafts. And not surprisingly, the locals make their living through Fishing and marine aquaculture. And nestled between dramatic limestone cliffs Viet Nam Ha Long Bay. There are 4 fishing villages and heritage sites of the world i.e. Ba Hang, Cua Vong Vieng Van, and La hat. The village offers a training establishment for their children. In an area of 150 m and there are four classrooms and a small room for teachers. It is the first floating classes in Hạ Long. Currently, the Cua Van has 7 classes, especially in class 1 and class 2. The youngest pupil was 8, while the eldest is 17.

Natural Cua Van Cua Van Tourism, Vietnam

Cua Van now has become a tourist attraction and has been present in the itinerary and almost all solo Mancan State. In the future, Floating Cultural Center will be established in the fishing village of Cua Van, which will become an important place among the Halong and tourists. To get to Ha Long Bay about 100 miles from Hanoi. A six-hour bus ride from the city to the Bay cost about $ 8. Once you arrive at Bay, go to the dock and take a ferry and sail about 12 miles to the Cua Van price of about $ 20. You visit the village, have the opportunity to experience the daily life of the villagers as well as traditional culture and customs of the fishermen, and are a World Heritage Area of Halong Bay. The village is at the beginning of 2013 very busy once tourists come here to see its natural beauty.

Cua Van Beach Cua Van Tourism, Vietnam

Cua Van Wallpaper Cua Van Tourism, Vietnam

Cua Van Wallpaper HD Cua Van Tourism, Vietnam

Cua Van Stone Cua Van Tourism, Vietnam

Cua Van Island Cua Van Tourism, Vietnam

Cua Van Beautiful Cua Van Tourism, Vietnam

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