Desoto Falls in USA

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DeSoto Falls Desoto Falls in USA

Desoto Falls is a waterfall that is very beautiful with by the pools there is here and many tourists come here. Desoto Falls is located in Lumpkin County, Georgia along Frogtown Creek. Here there are three waterfalls on Frogtown Creek, Desoto Falls, Desoto falls, Desoto middle and bottom. With drops of water plunging over 200 feet, the Middle waterfall falling 90 meters and the lower waterfall drops 45 feet. Like non-vertical waterfall, Desoto is located at an altitude of 3,560 feet in the Rocky Mountains. Desoto Falls was named by the Explorer Hernando De Soto, Spain in 1540. The largest water flow in Desoto in the spring, especially after a rainstorm. This combined with some of the wildflowers that make this crowded in mid-April to the end of May. On the left is the Frogtown Creek, clear mountain river with some of the beautiful Riverside scenery. Roads are paved and curves around it and to the right of the bridge crossing Frogtown Creek there are pools.

Natural DeSoto Falls Desoto Falls in USA

Desoto Falls is part of the Chattahoochee National forest and is located at 1.6 miles in an area that was named Desoto. There is also a campground located along the banks of Frogtown Creek. Desoto Falls is one of four popular waterfalls located in the forest near Helen, Georgia. The other three popular Waterfalls are Anna Ruby Falls, Dukes Creek Falls and Raven Cliff falls, all located in neighboring white County. 2 different paths lead to falls on Frogtown Creek. Low falls about 3 miles downstream from the head of the trail, the second is 75 km upstream. According to the legend of Spain Spain’s armor Explorer Hernando De Soto or one of his men found here many believe that the expedition through this area in 1540 in their attempts to find gold. Desoto Falls every day many tourists come here to see the natural beauty that is so amazing. And here there is also a hotel and restaurant on the edge of the pond. In garnish with the splendor of the falls.

DeSoto Falls Beautiful Desoto Falls in USA

DeSoto Falls Wallpaper Desoto Falls in USA

DeSoto Falls Wallpaper HD Desoto Falls in USA

DeSoto Falls Pond Desoto Falls in USA

DeSoto Falls Lake Desoto Falls in USA

DeSoto Falls in USA Desoto Falls in USA

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