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Tuesday, September 25th 2012. | China

 beautyful Dwarf Empire unique Dwarf Empire unique

Funny, unique and creative is a small picture of the Dwarf Empire. Located on a beautiful hilltop in Xishan, a mountain on the outskirts of Kunming, capital of Yunnan province of China. Dwarf Empire is the home of people from all corners of the mini china. And a controversial theme park where human mini gives performances for tourists. Two times a day do people wear costumes and variety shows such as acrobatics, sports, singing and dancing. Residents range from two feet taken from across China and lived in the small house-shaped mushroom. more than 100 dwarfs from across China doing live performances. Here the mini or . Dwarf Empire humans can perform activities without feeling excluded from normal humans. In addition to performing the mini humans are also given wage.

 amazing Dwarf Empire unique Dwarf Empire unique

Dwarf Empire was established in September 2009 by Chen Mingjing, a wealthy real estate investor. Although many visitors to the park are students from nearby towns, with the Dwarf Empire hoped many tourists who visit China. Here also given English lessons for employees to help them interact with foreign tourists. The performers sing, dance and perform on stage for the visiting tourists. They often act like a scene from a fairy tale, or a ballet like Swan Lake. They also occasionally perform hip-hop dance well often also show “Dwarf King”. King who was only 1 meter (3.3 feet) tall, often wearing gold silk robes and riding three-wheeled motorcycle during the show. Seeing the houses of the dwarves in Dwarf Empire home for all the dwarfs and family who all loved them. This is where the dwarfs live their lifes, raise a family shorty, shorty birthday, everything like normal people though much smaller. Neighbors Dwarf good to themselves, never quarrel because they live in a true natural harmony. Mushroom houses are neat and bright colors add to the beauty of the Dwarf Empire.

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Dwarf Empire

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Dwarf Empire

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Dwarf Empire

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Wallpaper Dwarf Empire

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