Eilean donan castle tourism, Scotland

Friday, November 23rd 2012. | Scotland

Eilean donan castle natural Eilean donan castle tourism, Scotland

Eilean Donan Castle is one of the most recognized Castle in Scotland, and the most beautiful castle in Scotland. Eilean Donan Castle is located on an island at the point where three sea lochs of the met, and is surrounded by some stunning views, it is not surprising that the fortress is now one of the most visited attractions and important in the Highlands of Scotland. The first Eilean Donan Castle was later established in the 13th century by Alexander II in an effort to help protect the region from the Viking invasion. At this stage in the history of the original fortress includes the whole island and is believed to have been built with seven towers linked by curtain walls. Over the centuries, the castle was expanded and contracted for reasons that still remain a mystery to this day, until all together 1,719 while indulging in one of the rebel Jacobites were less well known. When the United Kingdom Government learned that the Fort was occupied by the Jacobites were leaders along with Spain’s army garrison, three Royal Navy frigates sent to deal with the insurgency. On May 10, 1719, three heavily armed warships moored not far from the fortress and bombarded with cannon. With walls up to 5 feet thick, this gun has a small impact, but eventually the castle was overwhelmed by force. Found 343 barrels in gunpowder, Police Commander ordered to blow the Fort up, here’s the Eilean Donan Castle set on destruction still for the best part of two hundred years.

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Visitors now have the opportunity to wander the spaces round part of the furniture of the Eilean Donan Castle sees the Jacobean period, artifacts, displays of weapons and art. The importance of history and a rich heritage with information guide is happy to share the wealth of knowledge. Very popular with families, visits to Eilean Donan Castle promises a lot of fun for the kids if it will swing a Claymore, spying through a spy hole, picked up the ball cannons, staring at the portcullis is scary or explore the ancient fortress. Wildlife around the island as well, with regular displays of dolphins, dolphins, otters and birdlife. For those feeling very romantic, even weddings can be arranged in a beautiful Banqueting Halls. There are many reasons why the Eilean Donan Castle enjoys iconic status and romantic as it is in the hearts of our nation and visitors, but to understand what is.

Eilean donan castle wallpaper Eilean donan castle tourism, Scotland

Eilean donan castle tourism scotland Eilean donan castle tourism, Scotland

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