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Monday, December 10th 2012. | Scotland

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Fingal’s Cave is a cave located in the midst of the sea and the gorgeous and captivates your heart. In Fingal’s Cave there is a small island that staff had only 33 acres, and never settled on a 1700s by as many as 16 people but is currently the seabirds and tourists have taken over their place. The 1700s is also the time that Staffa was part of the Ulva heritage but in 1777 and sold through several owners were donated to the National Trust for Scotland by Jock Elliott of New York in 1986. , located in the southwest of the island of Ulva and half way between the Ross of Mull and the Treshnish Isles. Fingal’s Cave itself has a large arched entrance and filled by the sea; however, the ship could not enter. Some shipping companies and local Charter including passing the Fingal’s Cave on the tour from April to September. The row of columns cracked caves form a path just above the high water levels permitting exploration on foot. Cruises give you information about the cruise and Charter company that organizes trips to Staffa, summer only and if the weather permits.

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The legend, which connects two structures, applies geologically correct. Giant Causeway’s and Fingal’s Cave was indeed created by the ancient lava flows, which may at one time have formed a “bridge” between the two locations. This happens about 60 million years ago. , the column is not shaped by giants such as legend would have it, but by a hot lava cooling so slowly-land, as the mud under the hot sun, it cracked into the hexagonal shape for long. Fingal’s Cave ancient wonders of Ireland and Scotland the Celts is famous and important sites in the legend. Known to the Celts as Uamh-Binn or “The Cave of Melody”, one of the legends of Ireland in particular explains the existence of the cave as well as from a similar giant Causeway’s in Ireland. As both made the same neat basalt columns, Legend holds that they are the final pieces of the bridge that was built by the giant Fionn mac Cumhaill Ireland (Finn McCool) to Scotland to fight Scottish rival, Benandonner giants.

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Fingals Cave Tourism Scotland Fingals Cave Tourism, Scotland

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