Gimmelwald Tourism in Switzerland

Thursday, November 29th 2012. | Switzerland

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Gimmelwald is a small village located in the beautiful mountains of the Bernese Highlands region of Switzerland, on the West side of Weisse Lutschine Valley just above the Stechelberg. This is the perfect place for Alp-aholics as it offers incredible views of the majestic cliffs of the mountains, colourful and impressive peaks. Aside from the beautiful surroundings, the tourists attracted by a peaceful and quiet setting back relaxed attitude. Gimmelwald can be explored in 30 minutes and has a population of around 130. The main occupation of the inhabitants is farming and tourism. An interesting Detail about this place is that it’s saved from development as a ski resort. There are villages in Gimmelwald continues the old tradition and independence of modern tourism. This is the place where most of the houses have been preserved in their original character despite conversions and renovations that have taken place over the years. There are no shops or grocery store; you will find only the specialties can be directly reached from the manufacturer.

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People in Gimmelwald systematically harvested the steep hillside. The whole family gathers every cut and inches of straw, how Depression-era child polished their dinner plates. After harvest what sickle could reach, they pull the straw out of the nooks and crannies by hand. Gimmelwald 7 hours round trip hike from Gimmelwald to Oberhornsee. The first 40 minutes or so up to one of the steep inclines in the area, but it soon gave way to a series of the most amazing flower-filled Alpine pastures, meadows, cows and the waterfalls you will ever see. A run more relaxed to Allmendhubel and along the way you’ll enjoy views of an almost constant from the beautiful valley. If you choose to go in Gimmelwald in winter for skiing or other winter sports, a song very good can be found in Murren, about 30 minutes ‘ walk. For the most memorable breakfast around, ride the gondola to the top early where you will find a restaurant and a 360-degree view of the thrilling. Sipping coffee as you slowly to enjoy one full circle. Fall to the theater to see a clip from the film 1969 James Bond In on Her Majesty’s Secret Service, in which the restaurant was blown up.

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Gimmelwald Tourism In Switzerland Gimmelwald Tourism in Switzerland

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