Gran Cenote Tourism, Mexico

Tuesday, January 8th 2013. | Mexico

Natural Gran Cenote Gran Cenote Tourism, Mexico

Gran Cenote is a natural phenomenon which is very beautiful and is a drain on the Earth’s surface and become one of the most popular in Mexico. Gran Cenote is located on the highway between Chichen Itza and Valladolid, about 130 feet deep and about 85 feet from the surface so you will have to descend down the wooden stairs to reach it. And most popular diving and snorkeling areas in the Riviera Maya. Cenote is derived from the word “dzonot” or “tsonot” which means Sacred well. Cenotes are the main sources of fresh water for the ancient Maya civilization. The Maya believed cenotes contains elements and considered by many of them to sanctify themselves. They also believe cenotes into underworld portal and how to communicate with the gods. The phenomenon of the Gran Cenote climate change created extraordinary ecosystems and unique on the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. The underground rivers and caves-these caves are created naturally over 6,500 years ago. For 20 years, experienced scuba divers have explored these caves discovering more than 300 km of interconnected roads and caves that make up and become one of the amazing ecosystems is good. Cenotes are found only in this part of the world, certified diver offers the opportunity to explore something different. And the beauty of the calm and pure to the world under the sea and diving experience of your life floating in the caverns filled with crystal clear water.

Gran Cenote Amazing Gran Cenote Tourism, Mexico

At Gran Cenote there are areas for swimming, snorkelers and divers. And this cenote is famous and one of the great cave systems beneath the Earth where divers can explore nearly 500 meters away from the underwater world in this area. For millions of years, rainfall was slowly away and limestone and the system of underground caves and caverns are formed. . At Gran Cenote there is a restaurant and small houses to stay overnight. And garnished by waterfalls and lush green vegetation hangs over the water. Gran Cenote was often on the visit by divers, daily tourists from outside the region came here to see the natural beauty you have here.

Gran Cenote Mexico Gran Cenote Tourism, Mexico

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