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Sunday, December 30th 2012. | Austria

Green Lake Bench Green Lake Tourism, Austria

Green Lake is the most popular place to see the sights at the bottom of the Lake with its many ancient items. Green Lake is located at the foot of the Hoch Schwab, in Tragoess, Styria, with one of the strangest natural phenomena in the world. During the winter months, the place is almost completely dried and used as a State Park, during the spring, but most of the temperature rise, snow and ice cover begins to melt, and Aiguille water flowing downward, that fills the valley below with clear water. Clean and clear water comes from melting of the Karst Mountains and has a temperature of 6 – 7 ° c. temperature rises and when the snow melts, the ground under the filling with water. The Lake reaches a maximum depth of about 12 feet from the middle of the month of May-June and to see the most beautiful at the moment. In July the water began to recede. Green Lake has a variety of fauna like snails, water fleas, larvae, small crabs, and various species of trout. The depth of the Lake is variable due to the flow that comes from melting. Green Lake is popular among divers who can observe the green pastures on the shores of the Lake and see the bridge and the bench can also be found under the water.

Green Lake Beautiful Green Lake Tourism, Austria

Early summer waters of the Green Lake high in June, when this extraordinary place attacked by divers, curious to see what the content in Green Lake. And look at the Fish swim up the bleachers, the bottom of which is covered with grass, trees and even the bridge creates a wonderful atmosphere and feel like staying on dry ground and it happens for half a year. Snow in the mountains surrounding Hoch Schwab began to melt, and water flows into the Valley. In the summer, the Lake area visitors can take off their shoes hiking and throw in scuba gear. Divers come to check out the underwater meadow. It is not every day that you can see the submerged dry garden half a year.

Green Lake Austria Green Lake Tourism, Austria

Green Lake Waterfall Green Lake Tourism, Austria

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