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Thursday, January 31st 2013. | Hawaii

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Haiku Stairs is a stairways known as the stairs to the surge and has a very beautiful and very special. Haiku Stairs has stairways and ladders around 4,000 have been structured in 1942 so that the antenna can be seen from one side of the cliff, radio signals in use for the United States Navy subs as far as Tokyo shore. In 2003, this ladder is repaired at a cost of nearly 1 million US dollars, but currently there are no plans to open the stairs to public use, because it is still dangerous to climb, no sign of calling people not to climb, but most people reached there before the sunset and sunrise. Haiku Stairs has stunning views and sheer and on both sides of the Hill became one of the most memorable and most popular in the year now.

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When the naval base closed in 1950, the United States Coast Guard used the site for a station of the Omega navigation system. In the mid-tahun1950, the Haiku Stairs is replaced by a piece of metal steps and by one count, the station and the trail is closed to the public in 1987. Some hikers ignore the signs not trespassing and continues to rise, contributing to the local community is worrying about the re-opening of this structure. Haiku Stairs stood the cliffs on the South side of the Valley of Haiku. In 1942 to enable antenna cable for strung from one side of the cliff above the Valley of the building to provide continuously between Wahiawa and Haiku Stairs Valley Naval Radio Station was built on the Summit of Puukeahiakahoe, an altitude of about 2,800 feet. The antenna transmitted extremely low frequency radio signals from 200,000 watt Alexanderson alternator in the center of the Haiku. The signal can reach a submarine the Navy as far as Tokyo Bay. Testers for RCA pick up signals on Long Island, and the signal also reaches India, 6,600 miles away. Haiku is a very popular once in Hawaii because every day a lot of tourists that come here. Here too there is the hotel to stay for those who tired during the climb and restaurants are also located here.

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