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Wednesday, November 21st 2012. | Australia

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Howe Island natural paradise is eternal, where speeds are relaxed but where there is a lot of activity and adventure. Howe Island, is widely regarded as the most beautiful island in the Pacific-island vacation is closest to Sydney, and part of New South Wales. This is less than two hours flight from Sydney or Brisbane well off the coast of Eastern Australia. This is one of only four groups of islands that will be inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage list for the global significance of natural beauty and heritage. Howe Island has a Constitution of its own hybrid that, in effect, put the interests of wildlife before them from every human interloping. This is the degradation of human virtue used to make Lord Howe as oddities. For as the rights of indigenous peoples are recognized and restored in different parts of the world, so on Howe Island nature that is very pure.

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Howe Island  is a population of around 360, occupying small plots in the Tasman Sea off the East coast of Australia, about two hours by plane from either Sydney or Brisbane. Officially it is a part of New South Wales. At 31 ° 31 ‘ south it far enough north not be cool, but not enough to be the northern sub-tropical. Summer average temperature is 25 c; winter is only six degrees colder. This is one of the last places on Earth to be discovered, and then accidentally. No one lived there prior to 1834. So the only real native once was 13 species of birds found nowhere else on the planet — nine of which are now extinct-and a number of endemic plants. Not to mention the more than 500 species of fish, the countless types of beetles and 90 different Corals grow in the world’s southernmost reef. To set foot on Howe Island  is to escape to a pure environment, where you will meet with the friendly hospitality and the type of vacation experience that you will never want to leave.

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Howe island life nature tours Howe island life nature tours

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