Huacachina Tourism, Peru

Tuesday, April 29th 2014. | Usa

Huacachina City Huacachina Tourism, Peru

Huacachina is a lake surrounded with picturesque villages. In the Lake there is a village in the Ica Region and southwest of Peru which is a small natural lake surrounded by large stretches of sand dunes a few hundred yards away. The Lake is Located in the province of Ica and the nearby city of Ica in the Ica district. Each year the beauty of this area attract many tourists from different countries. For the adventurous, Huacachina is the most beautiful and charming destination. This area is surrounded by a hilly desert. However, there is a unique city in the middle of an oasis. Therefore it is called the “Oasis of America”. This Oasis is basically a collection of resorts and restaurants around a turquoise lagoon surrounded by huge sand dunes with a population of approximately 117 people.

Huacachina Beautiful Huacachina Tourism, Peru

Huacachina this very popular once the tourists from different countries, because of the beauty of the Lake and village are pretty amazing. The Lake is very beautiful and that’s what became of his appeal. This place is perfect for lovers of sand skating or who prefer to sunbathe on the shores of the Lake. Although it seems pretty remote, Huacachina is the location of these sights can be reached in just over an hour’s drive from the Pacific coast. If you are interested to visit this Lake, you should soon be packing up. Because this Lake will be faded beauty because Oasenya barely dry out. Water consumption on the ground there has caused the water level of Laguna Lake dropped sharply. During the last few years, the lagoon filled with water from other sources to prevent dryness. The Lake is a haven for backpackers who want to sandboarding and dune buggy rides. Good luck.

Huacachina Amazing Huacachina Tourism, Peru

Huacachina Wallpaper Huacachina Tourism, Peru

Huacachina Wallpaper HD Huacachina Tourism, Peru

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Huacachina Lake Huacachina Tourism, Peru

Huacachina Ica Huacachina Tourism, Peru

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