Ice Hotel Tourism, Sweden

Saturday, December 28th 2013. | Sweden

Ice Hotel Sweden Ice Hotel Tourism, Sweden

Ice hotel is a hotel in the world with a unique design that the entire building is made of ice and has stunning views. This fascinating attraction really give vacation experience challenging fun. The hotel is built every winter and has become one of the favorite destinations for tourists. Because it is made of ice, of course it can only survive during the winter. Every winter, it must be rebuilt. For that is the design of this hotel always varies each year. What about the hotel during the summer? It turns out the ice and snow used to build the hotel was kept in a storage room that is set so that the temperature is always cold. So when winter came, the ice is ready and stay prepared. Travelers should not forget wearing a jacket that is super thick. Because it has a building made entirely of ice, the temperature inside the hotel up to 5 degrees Celsius. Obviously, the whole building Ice hotel made of ice, ranging from buildings to furniture in the Hotel.

Ice Hotel Bedroom Ice Hotel Tourism, Sweden

The Ice Hotel is very popular once the tourists from various countries and the first time in the wake of the Bank of the River Torne, Sweden, from the building of furniture, bar, until the chapel that serves as a venue for weddings and receptions. This will be complemented by the Chapel altars, stage and chairs made of ice. It takes more or less 10.010 30.010 tons of ice and snow to build all this. This Hotel is located in Jukkasjarvi, around the city of Kiruna positioning about 885 miles or 1,297 km from Stockholm in the Arctic Circle. Making this hotel a reckoning is done with very mature as well as help advanced technology so as to able to stand up in the Arctic. That makes this so beautiful Ice Hotel, all the room decor is the work of the ice sculptor. Uniquely, each room has a different decoration. Good luck at the time winter arrives.

Ice Hotel Beautiful Ice Hotel Tourism, Sweden

Ice Hotel Bar Ice Hotel Tourism, Sweden

Ice Hotel Amazing Ice Hotel Tourism, Sweden

Ice Hotel Ice Hotel Tourism, Sweden

Ice Hotel Winter Ice Hotel Tourism, Sweden

Ice Hotel Wallpaper Ice Hotel Tourism, Sweden

Ice Hotel Wallpaper HD Ice Hotel Tourism, Sweden

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