Ice Swimming Tourism, Finland

Friday, January 11th 2013. | Finland

Ice Swimming Picture Ice Swimming Tourism, Finland

Ice Swimming is swimming pools being frozen and one swimming pool activities during the winter season and is most popular in Finland. There are many places where you can swim without sauna in Finland during the winter and on Ice Swimming. Helsinki has several places for avantouinti, with locker room with sauna. Tampere area has a number of ice swimming and winter sauna locations. This place called Avantouinti society with ice hole swimming holes, and swimming are also managed by other groups such as the Association of Finland Skiing. Finland Sauna society maintains the avanto for sauna goers. Ice all the water with the frozen crust of ice, and may be identical with the winter swim in the countries that are cooler. This requires well to break the ice or enter where the spring makes water from freezing. This can also be simulated with a pool of water at 0 ° C, with water temperature freeze. Ice pond occurred in the winter between the months of October to April.

Ice Swimming Amazing Ice Swimming Tourism, Finland

Denmark, Finland and Sweden have been a good winter place with the beauty of Lake Ice for over 100 years. But in Finland one of the most popular Ice Swimming or Avantouinti and one national sport here, with clubs all over the country and offers access to rivers and Lakes to freeze them as well as the sauna heat pipe to freeze the body and prepare for a swim. This tradition has been considered to have several health benefits in the country of Finland. An awful lot of time in the winter swimmers comes here and around the world in search of the most spectacular places. And one of them is in Finland. Ice Swimming is the most popular place for tourists who come here to find its natural beauty. Every day tourists coming here there was no stopping. Ice Swimming in the snow around the very thick and beautiful and stunning with colorful ice.

Ice Swimming Finland Ice Swimming Tourism, Finland

Ice Swimming Winter Ice Swimming Tourism, Finland

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Ice Swimming Wallpaper HD Ice Swimming Tourism, Finland

Ice Swimming Pond Ice Swimming Tourism, Finland

Ice Swimming Beautiful Ice Swimming Tourism, Finland

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