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Monday, June 24th 2013. | Rusia

Ingushetia Village Ingushetia Tourism, Russia

Ingushetia is one of the poorest and most restive regions in Russia but it has a very large tourism were very unusual. Located in the North Caucasus region with its capital at Magas. The Republic is the smallest of Russia’s federal subjects except two federal cities, Moscow and St. Petersburg. Founded on June 4, 1992, after the Chechen Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic of Ingush divided into two. In 1810, Ingushetia came under the rule of Russia. In 1921 the Soviet Mountain Republic of autonomy with the Ingush forms part, together with the Kabardians, Circassia’s, Chechen, Ossetia’s, Balkars and Karachai. In 1924 it became an autonomous Regency, Russia. The political and intellectual leadership were deported. And continuing military conflict in neighboring Chechnya and sometimes up to this area. And finally the Republic of Ingushetia has been appointed as a free economic zone. And have mineral water and is currently developing the tourist industry. Here there were oil and natural gas fields, the supply of limestone, clay, mineral water. National wealth and have valuable forests. With the overall fund jungle is 136.8 thousand hectares. And this region is divided into 4 districts, 45 settlements and 4 cities. Population density in this area is around 135 people per square km.

Ingushetia Amazing Ingushetia Tourism, Russia

In early summer the place is very crowded once the visitors from various countries, to see the beauty of the city and nature as well as the history of the war occurred in ancient times. Every day, many travelers who come here. Because of the beauty of the city is very beautiful and very stunning history. Hotels here are full of travelers because of the hotels here in complete with suitable facilities for your weekend getaway with Spa and massage to relax. If you want to find and eat here also there is a restaurant which is very delicious and very tasty. And this place is perfect for your family vacation a very special one. This area has many beautiful beaches and there is also a very special resort.

Ingushetia Castle Ingushetia Tourism, Russia

Ingushetia Beautiful Ingushetia Tourism, Russia

Ingushetia Wallpaper Ingushetia Tourism, Russia

Ingushetia Russia Ingushetia Tourism, Russia

Ingushetia Museum Ingushetia Tourism, Russia

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