Interlaken Tourism in Switzerland

Saturday, February 16th 2013. | Switzerland

Natural Interlaken Interlaken Tourism in Switzerland

Interlaken is a city surrounded by mountains and Lakes is very beautiful and very stunning with views of nature. The city is an important and well-known tourist destinations in Switzerland Bernese Oberland region and is the main transport gateway to the mountains and lakes in the region. The city is located in Bodeli, between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, and beside the River Aar, which flows between the two lakes. Transport routes to the East and West side of the Lake is equipped with mountain routes south to the River Lutschine. In the early 19th century, The city in the Bernese Oberland has become famous because of the impressive mountain scenery. The famous contemporaries such as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Felix Mendelssohn in the range. Interlaken‘s success as a tourist destination which is further enhanced by the completion of the Bernese Oberland Railway in 1890 and the Jungfrau Railway in 1912. The city as a vacation destination and the location of important international Conventions, this city has become ideal for countless visits. Over 45 Mountain railways, cable cars and ski lifts, opinion leading up to 200 kilometers pistes and a dense network of hiking trails. Boat trips, including historic paddle steamers, ply the waters of Lake Thun and Lake Brienz.

 Interlaken Winter Interlaken Tourism in Switzerland

From 1891 Interlaken is known as Aarmuhle. The monastery of Augustinian Canons was built around the year 1133 Inter lacus Madon and mentioned and lasted until 1528. Mill in the left bank of the Aare River was first mentioned in 1365 as Amuli, while the city on the right bank is mentioned in the year 1239 as villa Inderlappen. In winter visitors can benefit from the central location and the related opportunities for each day they pick a favorite between the ski area and the Jungfrau Ski region or a family-oriented ski region Beatenberg or Axalp Brienz. The tourists who stay in the territory of the city can take advantage of the transfer daily ski bus which connects the city with skiing in the area of Murren or Schilthorn, Kleine Scheidegg or Mannlichen und first. The city is appealing this ringed mountain views has become one of the top adventure sports destination in the world. The city is also very fresh hotel surrounded with snow and mountains that is fabulous and there is also a restaurant that is surrounded by rivers and lakes. You will not regret dating here.

Interlaken Lake Interlaken Tourism in Switzerland


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