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Thursday, November 22nd 2012. | Bolivia

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Isla Del Sol (Sun Island) is located in Lake Titicaca in southern Bolivia and travel is the most popular. This is very suitable for tourists who are looking for beautiful views of the Lake and the ruins of the Inca Empire. The Isla Del Sol is considered very sacred to the Incas and they believe the Sun God was born here. These photos were taken during our hike from the north end to the South end of the island, where we found a dorm room and spent the night watching the sunset. Be prepared to do some walking the weight up and down is Rocky and hilly. In 2000, an international archaeological expedition discovered an ancient temple that sunk in the depths of Lake Titicaca. Large structure is almost twice the size of a football field (660 ft.), and is found by following the path which starts from the submerged near Copacabana. The temple is estimated to be between 1,000 and 1,500 years old. The Government of Bolivia has promised to provide funding for further study of the ruins, and the plan eventually is to bring the bait to the surface. However, locals fear about the effects that such disrespect sacred Lakes might bring.

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At 3,200 square miles in size and up to 1,000 feet in depth, Lake Isla Del Sol is one of the largest, deepest, and highest in the world. Like Crater Lake in the United States (also a sacred Lake), Lake Titicaca is famous for the beauty of the deep blue. In addition to Lake Titicaca, some 41 Isla Del Sol in a Lake considered sacred. Especially important is the Isla Del Sol (island of the Sun), located on the side of Bolivia near Copacabana. The largest of all the islands of the Lake (but still just 5.5 of 3.75 miles in size), Isla Del Sol is considered the home of the highest Inca God of the core. At the northern tip of the island of the Sun is a town of Challapampa, home to an interesting Chinkana (labyrinth). A full complex of massive stone labyrinth is expected to become a training center for priests of the Inca. For the Incas, the construction is a bit sloppy–some archaeologists theorize that they must rush to build it. Natural spring water here runs under the island and appears again in the sacred stone fountains.

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