Istria Tourism in Croatia

Saturday, January 12th 2013. | Croatia

Natural Istria Istria Tourism in Croatia

Istria is the historic town over the centuries with the loop around the beach and white sand and rocks and hills. Istria includes 3222 square kilometers with a 430 km coastline. To the North is bordered by Slovenia and to the East is bounded by the Gulf of Kvarner, the northern part of Istria Peninsula covers resorts Slovenia Portoroz, Piran and Khoper. Eastern resort of Opatija and Lovran is considered part of the Gulf of Kvarner though they are technically part of the place Peninsula. Tourists who visit here are likely to be interested in long beach, which is dotted with resorts and along the West Coast. There are many rocky beaches here, but its one attraction here. With views of green hills and sink into the fertile valleys. While craft here began to attract artists and craftsmen to come here, the rugged coast is very popular with the sunset. Although most of the Rocky Beach, and many of the large hotels along the coast.

Istria Beach Istria Tourism in Croatia

The historic town of Istria for centuries and is beautifully combine with natural beauty and Enjoy a holiday here with relaxing on the beach, and there are a variety of sports or discover hidden regions when exploring Istria by bike. Here as a center of wine and culinary tradition, west of the town opened up your eyes with the views and offers a perfect harmony of nature and excursions at the gates of Central Europe. Tourism along the coast centered on one of the popular villages is fishing, this historic place and the flood of tourists from Italy in the summer time, as fascinated by the fresh seafood. But one-third of the city regions and the rest are carpeted with vineyards, olive trees, meadows and gardens. The hills above the village with a hilly countryside views cannot forget the natural beauty and extensive sea views. At the beginning of the current year many tourists come here. Istria at the indigenous population here is sometimes called as the new Tuscany.

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Istria Island Istria Tourism in Croatia

Istria in Croatia Istria Tourism in Croatia

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