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Tuesday, September 24th 2013. | Greece

Kastelorizo Hotel Kastelorizo Tourism, Greece

Kastelorizo is a very beautiful city with views of the city and the beach is fabulous. The town is located about 2 kilometers from the southern coast of Turkey and about 570 miles southeast of Athens and about 125 km east of Rhodes. Nearly half-way between Rhodes and Antalya about 280 km to Cyprus. The city has a very beautiful beach, with waves of the sea coast is very quiet. Kastellorizo is the most quiet and peaceful island which you can find in the Mediterranean Sea. The city is a paradise of natural and biological. The town has a number of animals and plants that grow very well. Including water turtles, dolphins and seals monachos. Transportation in the city is only there is a shuttle bus and taxis. This island there are almost no roads in the city and the port, which makes it ideal for your family vacation. The city is very liked by the visitors from various countries, to see the beauty of the city and the beaches are very special indeed.

Kastelorizo City Kastelorizo Tourism, Greece

The island of Kastelorizo has become a very popular once the tourists who want to spend the summer holiday very special. Every day, a lot of tourists come here. Because of the beauty of the beach is very beautiful and very stunning city. Hotels here are also teeming with tourists as the hotel here in complete with suitable facilities for your weekend getaway with Spa and massage to relax. If you want to find and eat here also there is a restaurant which is very delicious and very tasty. This Kastelorizo town is in love with the beauty of the beach.

Kastelorizo Greece Kastelorizo Tourism, Greece

Kastelorizo Beautiful Kastelorizo Tourism, Greece

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