Kyoto Tourism in Japan

Friday, December 7th 2012. | Japan

Kyoto Natural Kyoto Tourism in Japan

Kyoto is Japan’s traditional culture and shed the stage where a lot of the history of Japan played and finds your imagination. The lodges a poet hidden amidst the bamboo groves, arcade vermilion Temple Gate, geisha disappeared into the door of the temple are a traditional restaurant, gold floating above the calm waters. Indeed, most of the sites that make up the popular image of Japan from Kyoto. With 17 World Heritage sites, Buddhist temples in more than 1600, and more than 400 Shinto Shrines, and also one of the most culturally rich cities in the world. Indeed, it is fair to say that Kyoto ranked with Paris, London and Rome as one of the cities that everyone should see at least once in their lives.

Kyoto Wallpaper Kyoto Tourism in Japan

Kyoto Kaiseki cuisine is haute, an elaborate multicourse meal that comes from around 500 years ago as an accompaniment to the tea ceremony. Two and a half years ago, the city enacted a landmark law intended to protect the city’s heritage district, which contaminates in recent decades by the tower blocks of concrete and other forces of modernization. A glimpse of old fantasies can be found in the entertainment district of Gion, which, around dusk, geisha and maiko can often notice drifting down Hanami-koji like rare birds are wonderful to meet clients. As the sky dims, explore all of Shirakawa Minami-dori, the street atmosphere surrounded by wooden structures are preserved. See 2,000 ancient temples and Shrines, and then dinner at restaurant sleekly modern. A glimpse of a geisha gliding along a stone path, bracketed by wooden houses, machiya and feel yourself being thrown off an 18-century – until you see a duck on his taxi ride very 21st century, with the passenger door open and close automatically. Stepping out from the Kyoto station for the first time and stared around the neon and concrete that awaits you, you will feel that you hear and read about is so much solo-literary hype. We can only advise you to be patient, to the beauty of Kyoto is largely hidden from casual view, located behind the walls, doors, blinds, and the façade.

Kyoto Tourism in Japan Kyoto Tourism in Japan

Kyoto Station Kyoto Tourism in Japan

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Kyoto Beautiful Kyoto Tourism in Japan

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