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Wednesday, October 16th 2013. | Italy

Lake Garda Hotel Lake Garda Tourism, Italy

Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy is a very beautiful with natural scenery on the Lake and has an area of with installed km². The appeal of this lake is an incredible landscape, surrounded by the vineyards, farms, as well as the hills and mountains make this Lake became a prima donna in North Italy. Everything on Lake Garda is very beautiful, the beauty around the Lake so real like the southern part of the Lake is the home of the House as well as lodging with soft pastel colors as well as the beautifully styled hotel. While the North is the highest point in the Dolomites, which is the appeal of the pedestrians and cyclists who want to test their adrenaline.

Lake Garda City Lake Garda Tourism, Italy

Lake Garda offers an alternative holiday. On the Lake, also known as Lago di Garda you can work out at the top of the water surface. Swim, sail, or paddling canoes, you can do while enjoying the water Emerald excited. When weather is sunny, the area became a favorite hiking spot. Here you can stroll to the mountains of the Dolomites is perfect to enjoy sport rock climbing or hiking. Not only that at the time of snowing in the winter, the area is transformed into a bustling ski areas visited by tourists. It is usually held the weekend of winter sports. Small towns in the southern part of Lake Garda, such as Salo and Gardone had micro Mediterranean climate which is warm so that the trees and olive wine can also grow well there. It is a great location for sightseeing because here you can find the natural inhabitants of the ghetto, a row of restaurants with a variety of delicious cuisine at the edge of the Lake, and a variety of attractions that will keep you entertained throughout the year, season by season.

Lake Garda Beautiful Lake Garda Tourism, Italy

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Lake Garda Italy Lake Garda Tourism, Italy

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