Lake Titicaca Tourism, Peru

Monday, September 2nd 2013. | Peru

Lake Titicaca Peru Lake Titicaca Tourism, Peru

Lake Titicaca is also the largest lake in South America. The Lake is Located on the border of Bolivia And Peru, with an altitude of 3182 meters (12,500 feet) above sea level, thus becoming the highest Lake, and become very commercial in the world to sail. Lake Titicaca was created due to rainfall, Melt water from Glaciers in the Sierra that borders on the Altiplano. Lake is a lake in the Andes on the border of Peru and Bolivia. The origin of the name Titicaca is unknown. It has been translated as “Rock Puma”, as the locals have traditionally been interpreted form the Lake property of puma hunting rabbits. “Titicaca” combining words from the local languages Quechua and Aymara. This word is also translated as “the reef causing”. Because the South Lake is separated from the main body (connected only by the Strait of Tiquina), the Bolivians call it Lago Huinaymarca (Quechua: Winay Marka) and the larger part Lago Chucuito. In Peru, the portions are smaller and bigger are known as Lago Pequeno and Lago Grande. Lake holds a large population of water birds and is designated as Ramsar site on August 26, 1998. Some endangered species such as the great Titicaca water frog and flightless Titicaca Grebe is limited mainly or fully into Lake Orestias, and extinct due to competition and predation by a variety of species known to trout’s and silversides.

Lake Titicaca Picture Lake Titicaca Tourism, Peru

You can arrange to go on one of the tours that visit Lake Titicaca, Uros Islands made of tortora reed. The floating islands, and the natives that lived here carry on traditions that go back thousands of years. Artificial islands Uros are Peru, tourist attractions and you can buy handmade crafts here that will surely make great souvenirs. Uros use the dry bundle of totora reeds to make a reed boat and to make its own islands. The big House about ten Families, while smaller only about two or three families. Everything on the floating island made of totora reeds, which grow in the Lake Titicaca. Solid roots of plants develop and interweave form a natural layer called Khili (about one or two feet thick) that supports the. Beautiful is not the Danu Titicaca? In addition to the charming leaves here you can also find a unique floating village. A view that is so awesome and exotic.

Lake Titicaca Island Lake Titicaca Tourism, Peru

Lake Titicaca Beautiful Lake Titicaca Tourism, Peru

Lake Titicaca Amazing Lake Titicaca Tourism, Peru

Lake Titicaca Lake Titicaca Tourism, Peru

Lake Titicaca Wallpaper Lake Titicaca Tourism, Peru

Lake Titicaca Wallpaper HD Lake Titicaca Tourism, Peru

Lake Titicaca Village Lake Titicaca Tourism, Peru

Lake Titicaca Tourist Lake Titicaca Tourism, Peru

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