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Sunday, January 27th 2013. | Iceland

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Landmannalaugar area was Mt. Hekla volcano in the South of Iceland with many mountains and very beautiful. Landmannalaugar is a popular tourist destination and a Center for hiking in the Highlands of Iceland. This area displays a number of unusual geological elements, like colorful mountains and lava, the mountains in the surrounding area showing a broad spectrum of colors including pink, Brown, green, yellow, blue, purple, black and white. Two of the most popular mountains in between are Blahnjukur and Brennisteinsalda. Tourists visiting the area from June to the end of September, after a while the road is closed. Mountain lodge, in operation since 1951, can accommodate 78 people and has basic amenities. Centrally located near natural geothermal hot springs and is popular with tourists. From the end of June and through the summer, several of the Vestfiroir come and serve food and coffee to tourists, Fjallafang, as well as selling other things useful for tourists.

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Landmannalaugar is the usual starting point for four long days hiking trail aptly called Laugavegur, the main shopping street in the city center of Reykjavik is called by people who are walking in the footsteps of every day. The name actually means The Landmannalaugar Trail, a short version of Laugar to Landmannalaugar. The usual four-day trial ends at porsmork, but a day or two can be added, trekking then all the way to the beach almost at Skogar through Fimmvorouhals between two glaciers Eyjafjallajökull and Mýrdalsjökull. Iceland was first built a cottage in Landmannalaugar, in 1951. The cottage is situated about 600 meters above sea level on the edge of lava field Laugahraun in some hot springs, which creates very good conditions for bathing in the River. There is also the Icelandic horse riding in the area. Tours horseback riding here can visit places that are difficult to access on foot and not accessible by car because there are no major roads. Here there are also restaurants and hotels which are very ancient. Lots of tourists come here to enjoy the scenery is very popular here.

Landmannalaugar Iceland Landmannalaugar Tourism, Iceland

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