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Tuesday, June 11th 2013. | Switzerland

Hotel lavaux Lavaux Tourism, Switzerland

Lavaux vineyard is an extraordinary wine with very much and the rapid and terraced with natural scenery is fabulous. The garden consists of 830 hectares with terraced vineyards stretching about 30 km along the North Bank of South-facing Lake Geneva is very exceptional. For wine enthusiasts with a view of the vineyard and provides a view that is perfect for you. Nature, here too there are a variety of cultural and culinary and the area is worth a visit for you. Only 12 minutes from Vevey through lush green vineyards to Puidoux Chexbres. Here you can taste local products, as the sample available for this garden, cafes and bars. Now you must to visit one of the sites. Typical restaurants and the original village of winegrowers ‘ and the shores of Lake Geneva at the foot of the vineyards. And this place is world heritage. Although there is some evidence of vines and planted in the area in Roman times, the wine can actually be traced to the 11th century, when the monastery of Cistercian Benedictine monasteries and took control of the area. Benefits from a temperate climate with a view of the Sun on the Lake and stone walls give the scenery. The main wine grape variety grown here is very special.

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Lavaux is one of the popular places for visitors, for a delicious wine tasting. In the summer of this year, the vineyard it is time to give the product an excellent wine. Every day, many travelers who come here. Because of the beauty of the picturesque vineyards and a lake is amazing. Hotels in lavaux is also teeming with tourists as the hotel here in complete with suitable facilities for your weekend getaway with Spa and massage. If you want to find and eat here there is also a very good restaurant and provide a delicious wine. And this place is perfect for your family vacation a very special one. With the incredible natural scenery.

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