Lechuguilla cave Tourism, Mexico

Tuesday, August 27th 2013. | Mexico

Lechuguilla cave Lake Lechuguilla cave Tourism, Mexico

Lechuguilla cave is the longest cave of the seven ever explored in the world and also the deepest in the continental United States with scenery, this cave has a length of approximately 135, 8 miles. The specialty of this cave is the formation of crystals formed from gypsum and aragonite in it. Before it was discovered in 1986, the cave is believed never to have touched the hand of man. Agave lechuguilla cave is named as a species of plants found near the entrance. Lechuguilla Cave National Park is Carlsbad, New Mexico. Access to the cave is restricted to approve scientific researchers, survey and exploration teams, and National Park Service management related to travel. Lechuguilla cave, discovered in 1986, when the Explorer open dug a hole in the long depression near the Cavern Carlsbad in New Mexico, the old mined for saltpeter. Little did they know, that they opened one of the most beautiful caves in the world? Since then no less than 153 km winding section of the cave has been explored, bringing the League to cave is the longest in the world. This cave became popular once and many visit the tourists from different countries, as it has the beauty of the cave which is very unusual.

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Lechuguilla cave we find large candelabra-like formation that is composed of myriads of gypsum crystals and melts may reach a few meters dimension. Even though they are made up of crystals that are generally small, sliding of the aggregate of the individual crystals are quite impressive. What followed has become some of the world’s most interesting cave exploration in one of the best known cave on the planet. Since 1984, explorers have mapped 137 mile section and has pushed the depth of the cave is 1,607 feet, ranking Lechuguilla as the longest cave in the world 5 (3rd longest in the United States) and the deepest limestone cave in the country. Explorers are drawn by the passage has not been investigated and beauty never seen before come from around the world to explore and map the cave. Cave offered even more than just extreme size. Cavers were greeted by massive amounts of gypsum and lemon yellow sulfur deposits. A fantastic Array of rare speleothems, some of which have never been seen anywhere in the world. Cave surpassed kin, Carlsbad Cavern, in size, depth, and variety of speleothems, though there’s room has been found yet in cave which is greater than the big room in Carlsbad.

Lechuguilla cave Mexico Lechuguilla cave Tourism, Mexico

Lechuguilla cave Beautiful Lechuguilla cave Tourism, Mexico

Lechuguilla cave Lechuguilla cave Tourism, Mexico

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Lechuguilla cave Wallpaper HD Lechuguilla cave Tourism, Mexico

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