Liang beach in Indonesia

Sunday, March 16th 2014. | Indonesia

Liang beach Liang beach in Indonesia

Liang beach is a beautiful beach with a natural landscape still very pure and wonderful. This beach is located 40 km from the Centre of the city of Ambon in the village of Rut, sub district of Central Maluku Regency, on. This beach has another name i.e. Hunimua Beach, but the community get to know more of this coast of Ambon as Liang Beach. The combination of the beauty of the beach and nature under the sea is a magnet that makes many local and foreign tourists to visit this beach. Tourists can see the natural beauty under the Sea Beach is owned by the depth of about 6 meters with normal viewing distance. Entering this Beach Tourism object that is so amazing, you are greeted by a gleaming white sand is exposed to sunlight, seeming to be the entrance to the beauty of blue sea water gradations. It is very tempting to go for a swim or just play water.

Liang beach Amazing Liang beach in Indonesia

The white sand beach and beautiful sea served with natural Beach in a rut. White sand along the coast allows you to pose as much as possible and as beautiful as possible on its shores. It’s no wonder if such time off on weekends and national holidays, the beach is never crowded visitors. The perfect time to visit the beach where the sea is not windy, shady and avoid visiting when the wind is West or East wind because at that time the sea choppy and made the murky shore. Come to the beach it is the perfect time in September and November or April until May if they wish to pay a visit to the of Liang beach. In one section of the beach, look a simple wood kindling Pier beach atmosphere. Some visitors especially children usually looks fun jumping from the top of the dock and plunge into the water. Stretch approximately 1 km, the Liang Beach offers an opportunity on holiday that will not leave you disappointed.

Liang beach Indonesia Liang beach in Indonesia

Liang beach Beautiful Liang beach in Indonesia

Liang beach Ambon Liang beach in Indonesia

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