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Monday, January 28th 2013. | Africa

Lion’s Head Beautiful Lions Head in Africa

Lion’s Head is a mountain in Cape Town and between Table Mountain and Signal Hill in South Africa and with stunning views. With a peak of 691 meters above sea level. The peak forms part of the dramatic backdrop to the city of Cape Town and is part of the Table Mountain National Park. In the 17th century the peak known as Daniel headers or lion’s Head by the Netherlands, and Signal Hill known as Daniel Start lion’s Tail, as a form resembling a lion crouched. In the 17th century called the peak of Sugar Loaf by the United Kingdom. This place is known for its views of the city, and walked to the top of the very popular during a full moon. With the popular Slopes. The top of the peak consists of flat-lying sandstone Table Mountain and lower slopes are formed by Cape granite and the formation of Malmesbury and older Precambrian rocks. This place is covered in Fynbosdan supporting a variety of small animals. The three main types of vegetation can be found in this region, which is relatively small. Three of which are endemic to the city of Cape Town and can be found elsewhere. Most of the others are covered in the endangered Fynbos granite, which fades into the shale slopes Renosterveld lower against Signal Hill in the North. Right at the top of a small patch of endangered Fynbos sandstone, the different ecosystems is also found near the top of Table Mountain.

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The first settlement is located between Cape Town’s Table Mountain and Table Bay. This area is surrounded by mountains known as the lion’s Head and a lion’s rump in the North by Table Bay, to the South by Devil’s Peak, and to the East of sandy Cape flats built and out in the Northwest. The nearest land is tillable in Eastern lower slopes of Devil’s Peak and Table Mountain and, farther to the Southeast in Rondebosch, Newlands, and Wynberg. From the fortress that protected the settlement. In the suburbs around peak and Signal Hill on almost all sides, the city has made the construction of housing. This area is significant to the community of Cape Town, who historically lived in the Bo Kaap quarter close to the lion’s Head. There are a number of historic tombs and temples. This place is perfect to see the sunset and scenery.

Mountain Table Lions Head in Africa

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Lion’s Head Wallpaper HD Lions Head in Africa

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