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Maligne Lake1 Maligne Lake Tourism, Canada

Maligne Lake is a lake located in the National Park Jasper, Alberta, Canada and is famous for its exquisite water color. Maligne Lake is located 40 km south of Jasper, and is accessible by motor vehicle. At the southern end of the Lake there is wildlife, approximately 48 km away from the site of the city of Jasper; this Lake offers a variety of activities for visitors. In addition to cruise Spirit Island, visitors can rent canoes and kayaks, all adventure starts from Maligne and surrounding lakes. Maligne Lake is the location of two Alberta registered historic buildings, Lake Chalet and accompany the guest house, All built in 1927 by Colonel Fred Brewster as part of Rocky Mountain camp. For a while, the Lake is the largest of the accommodation, the most luxurious in Jasper National Park. Another historic building is the Boathouse, built by Donald Philips Curly in 1928 to accommodate the wilderness Guide and fishing business. In the same year, completing the construction of the first Lake boat tours, Lea was named Leah, Samson, Samson’s wife Beaver. Philips stayed at the boathouse avalanche occurred time until his death in 1936, aged 52. Historic buildings managed by the Maligne Tours.

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Maligne Lake is approximately 22.5 kilometers and 97 meters; the deepest point at the southern end of Lake averaged 35 meters in depth. It is located at 1,670 feet. Leah and Samson peak and Mount Paul to the East, and Mount Charlton, Unwin, Mary Vaux and Llysfran Summit of South and West. Charlton, Unwin and Maligne glaciers visible from the Lake, which boasts a population of rainbow trout introduced self-service and trout brook. This is a popular place for Sport Fishing, kayaking and canoeing. Parks Canada maintains two camping sites, accessible only by canoe, in fisherman’s Bay and Coronet Creek. The Lake is drained by the River enters Maligne Lake, which is on the South side, near Mount Unwin and flows into the Lake in the North. Maligne Lake and Maligne River, Maligne Mountain and Maligne Pass, takes its name from the French word. This place is very popular with the water color is fabulous.

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