Metropol Parasol Tourism, Spain

Saturday, March 16th 2013. | Spain

Metropol Parasol Spain Metropol Parasol Tourism, Spain

Metropol Parasol is a very unique wood building and became one of the most popular places in the city of Seville. And is located in La Encarnacion square, in the city of Seville, Spain. By the designed by architect JURGEN MAYER of Germany HERMANN and the construction was completed in April of 2011. The place has a total area of 5000 square meters building with total area of 12,680, 28 meters in height by having the dimensions of 150 and 200 ft. and became the largest wooden structure in the world. The appearance, location, and cost overruns and construction delays generate a lot of public controversy. The building known as Las Setas de la Encarnacion. Metropol Parasol are organized in four levels. Home of the underground levels Level 0 is the Antiquarium, Romans and Moors are found in places that are displayed in the museum. Level 1 is the main market. Level 1 is the surface of the roof of the Plaza, with the beauty of public open umbrellas on top of wood and designed for public events. Level 2 and 3 is a two-stage including a panoramic terrace and restaurant, offers one of the best views of the city Centre.

metropol parasol sevilla Metropol Parasol Tourism, Spain

Since the 19th century, located in the plaza market, housed in a building the market. Portion of the building was torn down in 1948, according to a plan for urban renewal. The market itself remained until 1973, when the rest of the building is damaged already and finally torn down. The land here was still active until 1990, when the city decided to build an underground parking garage with space for the market above. In the midst of construction, Roman and Andalusia were discovered in 2004, the city decided to try to develop the area again, and open competition to invite international tourists. From here you can see the heart of Seville are very amazing. Every day, many travelers who come here. Because of the beauty of the city is very beautiful and the beauty of the Metropol Parasol. Hotels here are also filled with tourists because here at the hotel complete with facilities suitable for your vacation. If you want to find and eat here there is also a very good restaurant with traditional cuisine. You do not hesitate to come back here. Because of this winter’s very well suited this place. Good luck to come here. And this place is perfect for your family vacation Metropol Parasol. ?

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