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Sunday, October 27th 2013. | Africa

Mnemba Island Beach Mnemba Island in Africa

Mnemba Island is a small island which is very beautiful with the natural landscape and beaches on the island and one single island. The island is owned exclusively by the Conservation Corporation Africa arising from the waters of the Indian Ocean and has a lot of beautiful places to offer you. This island is the best place for snorkeling in Zanzibar and can also see whales and dolphins in their habitat. Mnemba Island is located approximately 2 miles from the northeast coast of Unguja Island and the largest of the islands of Zanzibar, Tanzania Matemwe beach across the street. The island is a popular scuba diving site with various species of corals and very much and as well as some sightings of larger species such as turtles and dolphins. On this island is very nice because you can swim with a whale shark, the largest fish in the world and one of the few places in the world where you can swim with the fish. In this island is also a place to live green turtles are extremely rare and exceptional. The island is surrounded by coral oval and the island has coral reefs are sometimes called Mnemba Atoll is an atoll and one because of a lagoon that surrounds the island is very beautiful.

Mnemba Island Hotel Mnemba Island in Africa

Mnemba Island is very popular once the tourists from different countries, as it has the beaches are very beautiful. The best way to reach the island by way of a drive from stone town on Zanzibar Island is about 90 minutes and crossed by boat 20 minutes. Every day, a lot of tourists come here. Because of the beauty of the beach is very beautiful and very stunning island. Hotels here are also teeming with tourists as the hotel here in complete with suitable facilities for your weekend getaway with Spa and massage to relax. If you want to find and eat here also there is a restaurant which is very delicious and very tasty Mnemba Island.

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Mnemba Island Africa Mnemba Island in Africa

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