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Thursday, December 27th 2012. | Indonesia

Mountain Bromo Amazing Mountain Bromo in Indonesia

Mountain Bromo volcano is one of the five found in the complex of mountains Tangger in the sea of sand. Mountain Bromo is located in pasuruan, East Java, Indonesia. The appeal of this mountain is a mountain that is still active. Bromo tourist this is a natural phenomenon with wealth symptoms of nature that cannot be found anywhere else in the presence of a crater in the middle of the crater with sand sea expanse that surrounds it. A steep road with Caldera opposite Exit for Mount Bromo with Mountain behind. The caldera is volcanic sand is found, which is often called the sea of sand or Sea sand. Across the sea of sand is usually done by a jeep. At the base of Mount for rounding, you are greeted by two whimsical scenery. One is a Hindu temple, and the other is the cowboy. The temple is a reminder that some Hindu Tengger people who stayed behind when the fall of Majapahit Empire and many others fled to Bali. The Cowboys are there to accompany you or rather the services of their horses.

Natural Mountain Bromo Mountain Bromo in Indonesia

In a country that is full of natural beauty, one of the most spectacular views of the caldera is. The remains of the collapse of an ancient volcano crater’s steep-walled shape almost 10 kilometers in diameter. Rising from the volcanic sand is almost like the floor of the caldera is the active cone of Mount For and an active volcano from Mountain Bromo. Just south of the walls of the caldera is Mount Semeru, Java is indeed a lot of the highest mountains and most active volcano. All of these have been included as Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. As you wait for the Sun to make an appearance, don’t forget to look up. High up in the mountains and far from the lights of major cities, you’ll see a sky full of stars, When the eastern horizon started to blush, you will be able to make out the form of the caldera beneath you. Bring a camera if you want to get good photos. After the Sun actually appears horizon, greeted by shouts from the crowd gathered, it is then time to make its way to the floor of the crater.

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Just outside the Hindu temple under the slopes of the Mountain Bromo. Jeep only goes so far, and the choice is to walk on the sand to the bottom of the slippery volcanic Bromo, ride one of the horses. Most people go to use horses, probably because it’s already included in the tradition of solo. The horses that will take you only to the bottom side of the steep slope of the cone. From there you have to climb the stairs a bit steep. Down the stairs at the edge of the crater, you can look down into the volcanic vents at the bottom. This hole is nothing more than a big gaps and spew Steam. You can see the bright yellow sulfur deposits on the walls of the hole. You also have a view back across the sea sand on Mount Penankajan where you watch the sunrise. You can choose to stay in one of the small hotels and guest houses are popping up in the mountains. The top of the Bromo Cottages in *. The rooms and facilities were rather basic, but comfortable enough for the night and a half or so that you will spend in there. You wake up call from the front desk would come in at around 3: 30 to 45-minute trip to the Mountain Bromo.

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Mountain Bromo in Indonesia Mountain Bromo in Indonesia

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