Nagar Valley Tourism, Pakistan

Thursday, January 3rd 2013. | Pakistan

Nagar Valley Mount Nagar Valley Tourism, Pakistan

Nagar Valley is a valley near Gilgit Valley in the Gilgit Baltistan of Pakistan, it is part of the Hunza and Nagar district is administratively divided into two namely Nagar-Nagar-1 and 2. Located at an elevation of 2,438 m and consists of terraced mountains ranging from high pastures down to the River, with artificial irrigation channels that brought water from the glaciers to the terraced village and surrounding villages. A wide variety of crops grown include potatoes, Nagar Valley barley, wheat, apples, apricots, cherries, almonds, and other nuts and fruit crops. Views will be more beautiful when climbing the Valley during the flowers from blooming apricot trees, a wonderful time when the spring season proper planting and flowering. Like all Valley of Pakistan, the best time to be in the Nagar Valley is from mid-April until the end of September. Maximum Temperature in summer on the time of day is 13 c. the weather becomes very cold during the winter, especially from October to the end of March, the minimum temperature can reach-14 C.

Nagar Valley Amazing Nagar Valley Tourism, Pakistan

Nagar Valley is located on the opposite side of the city that is a bowl-shaped Valley (near Nagar-1) surrounded by three glaciers that Barpu, Bowelter and Duranchi. Hoper Valley has five distinctive villages. The Valley is an ideal tourist spot because a lot of that can be visited. Hopar Valley is the most beautiful view of the Valley of Nagar. Full of high mountains, glaciers, blue Lakes and meadows. Gold Summit. Miar peak, peak Rush and the Summit is the culmination of the most famous. Hoper Glacier (the Bualter glacier) and Barpu glacier enhance the beauty of the region. And the Rush is an attraction for hundreds of tourists throughout the year. Hoper offers a great panoramic view from the top of Ultar 7, 388 m and Barpu glacier. Amble through small picturesque village will provide an opportunity to tourists to observe the daily life of rural residents. This Valley is another popular trekking places, offers a mix of natural scenic beauty.

Nagar Valley Pakistan Nagar Valley Tourism, Pakistan

Nagar Valley Wallpaper Nagar Valley Tourism, Pakistan

Nagar Valley Wallpaper HD Nagar Valley Tourism, Pakistan

Nagar Valley Park Nagar Valley Tourism, Pakistan

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Nagar Valley Beautiful Nagar Valley Tourism, Pakistan

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