Mnemba Island in Africa

October 27th 2013 | Africa
Mnemba Island is a small island which is very beautiful with the natural landscape and beaches on the island and one single island. The island is owned exclusively by the Conservation Corporation Africa arising from the waters of the Indian Ocean and has a lot of beautiful places to offer you. This island is the

Boulders Beach Tourism, South Africa

September 22nd 2013 | Africa
Boulders Beach is a beautiful beach with surrounded by coves and granite is pretty amazing. This beach is located in the Cape Peninsula, near Simon’s Town towards Cape Point, near Cape Town in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. And one called Boulders Bay. Boulders Beach is the most popular leisure attractions and there

Lamu Island Tourism, Kenya

September 12th 2013 | Africa
Lamu Island is an island with breathtaking views and natural with the beaches are very beautiful. Lamu Island is a part of the Lamu archipelago of Kenya. Lamu is the district capital of the coastal Province, Lamu, Kenya. The city is located on the island of Lamu has 21,000 inhabitants. Many excursions that can be

Great Mosque Djenne, Africa

August 16th 2013 | Africa
Great Mosque Djenne is a mosque which was made of a very remarkable mud once with and become one of the greatest achievements of the Sahel Sudano architectural style. The mosque is located in the City despite heavy, Mali, in the plain of the Bani River. Great Mosque Djenne was declared a world heritage site

Imlil Tourism, Morocco

June 6th 2013 | Africa
Imlil is a small village with a tour of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco with the scenery is fabulous. The village includes the tourist center of mountain in Morocco because its position is unique and interesting. The village has a height of about 1,740 feet above sea level. Before the advent of mountain tourism, the

Seychelles Island Tourism, Africa

May 24th 2013 | Africa
Seychelles Island is an island that is surrounded by beautiful beaches with many different Resorts and hotels are very remarkable. The Seychelles is located on islands in the Indian Ocean and stretches about 1.551 km East and Northeast Africa Dartan island of Madagascar. Seychelles Island is a beautiful Island in the Indian Ocean. With several
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