Louvre Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates

April 29th 2015 | Arab
The Louvre Abu Dhabi is a very special museum once with a very remarkable design. The Museum is located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The Museum will have all the exhibitions around the world. Works of art from around the world will be exhibited in the museum. The Museum will present the works are

The World Island Tourism, Dubai

April 12th 2015 | Arab
The World Island is a small island which is very beautiful with stunning views of the sea. The island is a man-made island which is very good indeed. The island is in the look from a distance like a map of the world. The island is located in the Persian Gulf waters, 4 kilometers offshore

Rustar Floating Restaurant in Dubai

December 6th 2014 | Arab
Rustar Floating Restaurant is a very fancy restaurant once with floats on the sea which is fabulous. This ship has Rustar Dhows has three levels, the lower level was used as bar or intermediate level dance floor, which was a dinner room and the upper deck is an open-air dinner on the deck. Particularly remarkable

Burj Khalifa Tourism, Dubai

February 3rd 2014 | Arab
Burj Khalifa is a hotel which is very high and as one of the skyscrapers are very remarkable. This Hotel is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This Hotel has a very beautiful and make a place for tourism. The visitors was very pleased once came to the city of Dubai, because here there are

Hydropolis Underwater Hotel Tourism, Dubai

October 30th 2013 | Arab
Hydropolis Underwater Hotel is a beautiful hotel and resort is fabulous and perfect for your summer vacation. The hotel is very luxurious once under the sea and the first in the world. This Hotel has many places for your holiday, as it sees the beauty beneath the sea and beauty beneath the sea. Above you

Burj Al Arab Tourism, Dubai

August 17th 2013 | Arab
Burj Al Arab is a very beautiful hotel with discreet style and very luxurious all because here in complete facilities. This luxury Hotel is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It stands on an artificial island 280 meters from Jumeirah Beach, and is connected to the Mainland by a bridge which is very unusual. It
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