Semmering railway Tourism, Austria

October 24th 2013 | Austria
Semmering railway is the oldest Mountain Railway in Europe built in the mid-19th century and employ about 20,000 workers. The train through the tunnel 14, 16 bridges, 100 stone bridge and iron, small Bridge 11, everything is set in the spectacular mountain views. Enjoy a train ride with amazing views is a thing that many

Christmas Tourism, Austria

October 8th 2013 | Austria
Christmas is a place for Christmas in Austria a very beautiful with a very clean and beautiful for your Christmas celebration. This market is a tradition for all people in Austria to be held in the huge square in front of City Hall. Innsbruck  market opened also romance in the medieval square at the foot

Hohenwerfen Castle Tourism, Austria

May 18th 2013 | Austria
Hohenwerfen Castle is the most extraordinary Castle once with a very long history and the scenery is fabulous. The castle is situated above the town of Werfen Salzach Valley in Austria, around 40 kilo meters south of Salzburg. Hohenwerfen Castle is surrounded by the Alps of Berchtesgaden and Tennengebirge mountains. The castle is mostly served

Vienna Tourism in Austria

March 17th 2013 | Austria
Vienna is Austria’s largest town and as a center of culture, economy and politics with a population of around 1,782 million in the metropolitan area. The city is one of the nine States in Austria. The city is located in the East of Austria and is close to the border of the Czech Republic, Slovakia,

Carinthia Tourism, Austria

March 9th 2013 | Austria
Carinthia is one Country that is in the southern part of Austria with a view that is very amazing and very beautiful. Located in the East of the Alps with the famous mountains and lakes. The main language is the language of Germany. Carinthia has a continental climate, with hot summers and fairly wet and

Kreuzenstein Castle Tourism, Austria

January 29th 2013 | Austria
Kreuzenstein Castle is a Palace and fortress built in the 19th century and is very ancient. Located in the North East of the village of Linde Leobendorf, in the province of Lower Austria, Austria. Kreuzenstein Castle was first mentioned in the 12th century. The oldest part of Kreuzenstein is believed to be that of the
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