Kootenay lake Tourism, Canada

July 11th 2013 | Canada
Kootenay Lake is a lake with a view of nature that is fabulous. The Lake is located in British Columbia, Canada and is part of the Kootenay River. It has a very beautiful beach and many like tourists. The Lake has a dam and embankment system in the South end who along with industry in

Kootenay National Park Tourism, Canada

July 6th 2013 | Canada
Kootenay National Park is a park that is very natural with incredible natural landscape and there are many beautiful waterfalls. The Park is located in southeastern British Columbia, Canada, comprising a total of 1.406 km2 in the Canadian Rockies. The Park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1984, together with Provincial Parks that

Ellesmere Island Tourism, Canada

June 22nd 2013 | Canada
Ellesmere Island is an island that is very unusual with a loop around the Ice in very thick and in the middle of the island lies the Lake Hazen. The island consists of 196,335 km2 and total length of the island is 840 kilometers, making it the 10th largest island in the world and the

Pigeon Lake Tourism, Alberta

June 18th 2013 | Canada
Pigeon Lake is a large lake and as well as largest lake in Central Alberta in Canada and there is also a Lake Beach is fabulous. The Lake is located in Edmonton, Leduc and Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada. It became a very popular tourist center in the city, with many beaches and parks that are very

Heli Ski Tourism, Canada

June 12th 2013 | Canada
Heli ski is a sport that is very spectacular and very popular all around the world because it has a very special experience. Heli ski takes place in British Columbia, Canada and about 90% of the world. There is a vast desert with and abundance of snow makes the area ideal for you. Skiers coming

Churchill Tourism in Canada

June 4th 2013 | Canada
Churchill is a town which is very good because there is a beach with many polar bears are rare. Located on Hudson Bay in Manitoba, Canada. This place is the polar bear and many are moving towards the coast from the Interior in the autumn, and this place has helped the tourism industry is growing
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